Introduction to EU electricity markets

Introduction to EU electricity markets


2 hour online interactive session, to be planned in Q3 2024


299 euros, excl. taxes​

Are you looking for an introduction to European electricity markets? Understanding history, current timelines, and key actors in EU market integration? Then, this is the online training for you. ​

Training contents

  • EU energy packages​
  • Network codes and guidelines
  • Electricity market sequence 

Your trainers

Reinhard Kaisinger is a renowned expert in European Market Integration. He has 10+ years of experience in the energy sector and knows all EU rules and regulations concerning the energy market, including its technical details. He was closely involved in several major milestones, including flow-based capacity calculation. ​

Valerie Reif is an experienced research project manager in European electricity markets and EU institutions. She is an expert who has deep knowledge of policy and regulatory frameworks related to EU electricity market integration. Valerie has a background in renewable energy systems and European studies.

For whom

  • Fundamental level​
  • This training is valuable if you are just getting started in projects related to energy market integration projects and looking for more context and backgrounds on these projects

What you will hear about

  • The evolution from technical cooperation across borders to the creation and cross-border integration of EU electricity markets​
  • The main changes brought by each EU energy package to the organisation of the European electricity system and markets​
  • The sequence of electricity markets and the purpose of each timeframe​
  • The drafting, adoption and implementation processes behind EU network codes and guidelines​