Complex Program Management

You work on fundamental changes in the energy markets. For this, you need to collaborate with multiple parties. How can you cooperate effectively in such a complex environment? Our experts create trust and progress in complex programs. Guiding parties through the necessary steps and changes. In various roles.

What we can do for you

We cover every aspect of the energy transition. Our experts are here to guide you.

Multi-party consortium management

We support cross-border consortia to organise in the most efficient and effective way. Our experts facilitate the decision-making process, bottom-up and top-down. Converging all parties involved towards solutions that are suitable, acceptable for all, and implementable. Always from an impartial position. Making sure all parties are on track, together.

Beyond PMO

We go beyond the classic Project Management Office. We use strong project management and PMO techniques and methods and take them to the next level. Taking ownership of the project, motivating and guiding all project members. We know the sector, its sensitivities and complexities and are always one step ahead. It is what we call Beyond PMO.

Business diplomacy & stakeholder management

We support organisations as well as consortia comprising of agents with fundamentally different views and stakes to converge acceptable outcomes for all. When the situation seems entranced, we unlock it and bring all parties back on track by being focussed on the consensus instead of the compromise. We help engage your internal and external stakeholders too. By setting up an engagement approach and managing the different stakeholder groups. All to create support for changes ahead.

(IT) Program and project management

We provide robust management of (IT) programs and projects. Using our waterfall as well as agile expertise, working towards tangible results. We coordinate IT affairs on behalf of multiple parties. Making sure all IT aspects of change are managed, tested, and realised. This includes vendor management too; ensuring IT vendors and their clients work together towards delivering the required IT systems.

Our Work

What else we can do

Energy Modelling & Strategies

Our experts help to make solid strategy and investment decisions. Using our in-depth knowledge of the European energy industry and market & grid modelling capacities.

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Energy & Regulatory Analytics

Our experts help to assess the effects of new concepts or methodologies on future operations. Using relevant market, regulatory, and grid data to help mitigate risks.

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Business & Technology Consulting

Our experts help businesses to navigate the energy transition. We help you choose new strategies, tap into new technologies, and realise changes in your organisation. 

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