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With the European energy landscape evolving rapidly, understanding and predicting the impact of the ongoing changes on the European grid is essential for TSOs, NEMOs, regulators and market participants. Over the years, Magnus Energy has developed a deep understanding of the EU energy market and has contributed to the analysis of these implications. The Advisory Consulting branch of Magnus Energy supports organisations in their analysis and studies of the European energy landscape through data analysis, load-flow computations, simulation support, business process analysis, regulation and market design. 

Providing insights in process implications

With the implementation of flow-based capacity calculation by 16 TSOs in the core capacity calculation region (CCR), a major milestone was achieved on the journey towards an integrated European electricity market. This milestone introduced significant changes to the operational processes on the TSO side, which could have a major impact in case of unexpected behaviour. During the implementation, Magnus Energy supported some of the TSOs involved in the analysis of the data generated during the external parallel run. These analyses provided TSOs with sufficient evidence to further improve their inputs to the central process, supporting the overall quality and stability of the process. 

Supporting the execution of studies and transparency reporting

TSOs are obliged to execute regular studies to justify design choices made during the implementation of new processes. In addition, regular transparency reporting towards market participants and regulators is prescribed. Magnus Energy supported TSOs in the execution of these studies by contributing quantitative analysis, and can support in the generation, quality assurance and automation of transparency reporting. 

Designing, analysing and optimising business processes

Magnus Energy offers support in the optimisation of business processes. As a first step, a common understanding is sought to ensure a single starting point. Magnus Energy supports this via the creation of BPMN 2.0 models, for example. Following this step, processes are subjected to a stress test or process documentation can be converted into comprehensive visualisation. As a final deliverable, a report summarising the risks identified in the process, including recommendations for mitigating them, can be provided and the implementation of these mitigating actions can be supported.


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