From legislation to operation: Core day-ahead flow-based market coupling project

The EU aims to create a sustainable energy union with an integrated European electricity market, which is carbon neutral by 2050 and provides households and businesses with secure, sustainable, competitive and affordable energy. To achieve this, the EU has issued legislation and regulations in which existing local electricity markets are transformed into an integrated EU electricity market.

Not a simple task

Transmission and distribution, as well as trading on the electricity market, are complex matters. Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and Nominated Electricity Market Operators (NEMOs) need to translate EU legislation into concrete methodologies and project plans. All with the final goal to implement this in their operations. There are five main factors that make these projects so complex:

  • Multi-party cooperation
  • International context 
  • Tight deadlines and significant workload 
  • Different national challenges and legislation
  • Many stakeholders involved

Magnus Energy facilitates European energy market players with the translation of European legislation into concrete implementation and operations.

Core FBMC: optimal cross-border electricity exchanges

An example of such translation is the Core Day-Ahead Flow-Based Market Coupling (Core DA FBMC) project. The aim was the development and implementation of DA FBMC across the whole Core Capacity Calculation Region (CCR), consisting of Austria, Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. 

The FBMC mechanism optimises the exchange of power within the Core region, adding sustainable value and boosting socio-economic welfare. At the same time, it enhances security of supply as it creates better visibility across the whole grid. Furthermore, it increases price convergence in the whole region.

Introduction of a similar flow-based market coupling mechanism for the long-term and intraday timeframes is scheduled for the coming years. 

Our role

Magnus Energy has been the dedicated PMO for the Core TSO and the Core TSO & NEMO joint programme since 2016. The total core programme contains six large projects. These projects all derive from EU obligations.

Our main task for the Core DA FBMC project was the overall project management, focusing on timely achievement of all project objectives, facilitating the decision-making process, consortia management and steering towards project go-live. In addition, we shared our expertise by filling dedicated roles such as IT project management, convening the Core DA FBMC project team, test management, stakeholder management and business analysis support. 


TSOs: 50HERTZ, Amprion, APG,ČEPS, CREOS, ELES, ELIA, HOPS, MAVIR, PSE, RTE, SEPS, TenneT Netherlands and Germany, Transelectrica, TRANSNET BW


Industry Topics

Complex programme and project management, IT project management, test management, stakeholder management, convenorship, business analysis


Complex programme and project management, IT project management, test management, stakeholder management, convenorship, business analysis


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